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Refilable World SIM Card rate — Universal SIM size Mini, Macro & Nano Size — Free Shipping




International SIM UbeeTravelThe UbeeTravel International SIM Card is ideal for saving money when traveling abroad, it allows you to call, send SMS and connect to the Internet at the local rate in more than 135 countries. You’ll save up to 85% on your roaming charges, so consider swapping your carrier’s SIM card when you travel.

Our online rechargeable SIM cards are universal and adapt to all devices with its removable and re-adjustable formats: Mini, Micro & Nano

Free incoming calls to over 75 countries with coverage in over 135 countries.

Add a data plan to get even lower rates and enjoy a secure private internet connection.

Networks supported: GPRS, LTE, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G

Compatible with all unlocked devices and with all SIM card sizes

Prepaid credit valid for 1.5 years (18 months)

Free worldwide shipping

Valid for Zone A, Zone B, Asia, USA, Turkey, Vietnam, Europe and Europe+ data plans.

Ideal if you travel to one or more countries, whether you travel little or frequently.

Non-binding packages.

UbeeTravel has established a unique partnership with Skype and Viber, so you can call UbeeTravel numbers for free via Skype and Viber. Learn more about additional services

By default, your UbeeTravel phone number begins with the code +372 xxxx xxxx

You can purchase an optional US or UK number
If you purchase a US or UK number, this will become your primary phone number for outgoing calls.

Your default +372 number will still work for incoming calls. Data usage is not affected by phone numbers. Please note that UK phone numbers can receive calls and texts. Incoming calls are charged $0.20 or $0.15/min. Data usage is not affected by phone numbers.

United States numbers can only receive calls. No SMS service is available for United States numbers. Incoming calls are charged $0.20 or $0.15/min.

Calls, data & SMS at local rates worldwide – up to 85% off roaming charges.

See communication rates by country for calls, texts and data per MB



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