What is an eSIM?

How does an eSIM work?

Everyone is familiar with SIM cards and what they are for. eSIM is a recent technology that has become more and more common in recent years. And the eSIM will probably replace the traditional SIM card in a few years.

This technology brings a number of advantages over the traditional SIM card, but how does an eSIM work? In this article, we will answer this question and give you further information: where can we find this new technology and why do we need to know how it works.


What is an eSIM?

The eSIM can be thought of as a sort of ‘virtual’ SIM card, which gives a good idea of ​​how it works. Rather than having a physical SIM card that contains digital data, your device itself stores and communicates that data. Your device contains a SIM-type integrated electronic circuit, which allows the user to do without a separate SIM card. The chip and its super secure software come embedded inside the phone.

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Integrated SIM technology

This evolution is the eSIM. Sometimes called an electronic SIM card, eSIM actually stands for embedded SIM. As the name suggests, SIM functionality can now be built directly into the device, rather than added by inserting a separate physical card. The eSIM is not entirely different from the traditional SIM card – it uses a similar electrical interface, but is soldered directly onto a circuit board during device manufacture, making it a fully integrated component. End users, however, will likely have no direct interaction with this component.


After the SIM card, the mini-SIM, the micro-SIM and the nano-SIM, make way for the eSIM! The eSIM or embedded SIM is a virtual SIM card integrated into equipment, namely a smartphone, a tablet or a connected object.

Embedded SIM

After the SIM card, the mini-SIM, the micro-SIM and the nano-SIM, make way for the eSIM! La eSIM ou embedded SIM est une carte SIM “virtuelle” intégrée à un équipement à savoir à un smartphone, une tablette ou à un objet connecté.

But this physical advantage is far from being the only one.

For example, an eSIM allows you, among other things, to configure several plans and operators in this single place on your smartphone or compatible device, so you can change operator or plan quickly via the configuration settings without opening or disassembling your device.


So why would one need an eSIM and how to use it?

What makes the eSIM interesting is that it can be obtained remotely and configured directly on the device. This is, for example, a considerable advantage when traveling. Today, roaming can be very expensive when you use your cell phone in several countries. This high roaming price is due to the fact that your SIM card is linked to a single operator, and depends on the agreements it has with operators in other countries.


Benefits of eSIM for Roaming

People who travel a lot and companies that manage a large number of mobile phones know that roaming can be complicated and expensive. In short, when you travel to another country, it is very likely that your operator will charge you high additional fees. In some areas, such as the EU, excessive charges are currently prohibited, but they are common in many countries.

The eSIM allows users to switch carriers whenever they want. As a physical SIM card is associated with a specific operator, you can theoretically get a new SIM card for the country you are going to and change SIM cards when necessary, but this is not very practical and you will need to get this new SIM card. The eSIM revolutionizes this principle by allowing you to store several SIM profiles, and you can change them whenever you want – you can even have several eSIMs active according to your needs. You can have a local profile in the country where you are and benefit from more advantageous rates.


How to pay less roaming charges?

The idea of ​​the eSIM is that it allows you to cut out the middleman. Imagine that you want to travel abroad, and you would like to take advantage of the low fares of a local user. You could buy a SIM card locally, from a local operator, and insert it into your device instead of your SIM. But still, your device must not be blocked to work only with your original operator. With an eSIM, it’s much easier, as you only need to download and configure new information on the eSIM, rather than dealing with physical cards.

You can also use this feature to have multiple phone numbers on the same device, which is why many high-end smartphones and devices come with dual-SIM technology. This allows you to have several plans, one for work and another for personal calls, for example. You can use one eSIM number for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Viber, and another to pay less roaming charges abroad. This saves you from having to carry two separate devices. If you have a latest generation phone such as iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, then it is very likely that the eSIM functionality is integrated. You can view the full list of currently compatible devices here.

We recommend that you deactivate the “Mobile Data” option on your phone, to avoid paying high roaming charges to your local operator.

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