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UbeeTravel offers collaborative connection and communication tools, facilitates the management of your employees’ SIMs and eSIMs by centralizing processes and invoicing in your company account.

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Offres SIM & eSIM professionnelles pour vos collaborateurs

Gérez vos forfaits SIM et eSIM pour vos voyages d’affaires dans le monde

Global coverage

Manage your SIM & eSIM plans worldwide

Forfaits Appels & Data

 Forfaits d’appels et de data 85% moins cher en itinérance

Usage-based pricing

Grow your business with transparent and fair pricing

Collaborative communication

Take advantage of our conference call and videoconference services

Private network

Protect your devices from unauthorized access with a virtual private mobile network.

Collaborative communication

UbeeTravel Pro offers are aimed at professionals who need to stay connected during their business trips, in order to maintain professional contact with their employees, their customers and to remain reachable with their loved ones, in particular. UbeeTravel professional mobile offers allow employers and company employees to create conference calls for up to 10 simultaneous interlocutors via the GSM network of the country visited.

With the packages including Internet connections, these people can also organize and take part in videoconferences via the 3G/4G connectionof their mobile phone. The Internet connection can be shared in private secure Wi-Fion other devices such as PCs, tablets or other smartphones. Internet connection via SIMs and eSIMs UbeeTravel allow you to connect to the Internet to read and send e-mails, browse the Internet, employees to connect to their corporate intranets, to use the connected applications of their mobiles, to use the GPS installed on their smartphones.

The strongest connection at all times

We want your device to always be connected to the strongest network. That’s why we offer nationwide roaming without piloting and allow your devices to connect to the best network at each location without favoring a particular operator. Thus, it guarantees a strong and stable connection at all times.

Coverage in over 135 countries

UbeeTravel can connect to more than 350 networks in more than 135 different countries. For you, this means that you do not have to manage different contracts, different customer portals or different contacts for each country. With UbeeTravel, you have your all-in-one package.

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Prix ​​équitable, contrôle total

En travaillant avec UbeeTravel, vous bénéficiez d’une structure tarifaire claire et d’une grande flexibilité. Les forfaits d’appels et de données pour plus de 180 pays offrent des économies supplémentaires. Vous ne payez que pour vos cartes SIM actives. Les cartes SIM peuvent être activées et désactivées à tout moment via notre portail client. Les SIMs non utilisées restent actives pendant 18 mois (un an et demi). Pad de sur-facturation, vous ne payez que ce que vous consommez.

Maximum security

Whether sensitive or critical data, with UbeeTravel SIMs and eSIMs Pro plans, you have private internet connectivity to protect your data for calls, texts and internet browsing. Internet connections can be easily shared to create a private and secure network, the data exchanged is end-to-end encrypted (Refer to your device’s user manual for the Wi-Fi network connection sharing procedure)

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    Enjoy the benefits of UbeeTravel Pro services


    Calls, Internet & text at discount prices worldwide

    Offers cheap Internet connections in over 100 countries.

    SMS and phone call from abroad at the cost of a local call

    Save up to 85% on roaming charges.

    Free incoming calls to 75+ countries

    Free incoming messages

    Ideal if you travel to several countries

    Packages without commitment – ​​SIM valid for 18 months

    UbeeTravel offers mobile service offers for professional users who travel occasionally or all year round.


    Chipset 3G/4G Phone Calls + Text + Internet


    With UbeeTravel you can call with your mobile, send and receive SMS, surf the Internet at discount prices, calls are billed at the price of a local call, with UbeeTravel you no longer pay roaming charges from your mobile phone operator when traveling. UbeeTravel offers allow much more with our additional services included in our mobile offers, find out about additional offers.

    Data security and integrity

    For better security of your data, avoid public Wi-Fi connections, for example in parks and airports, which are insecure and vulnerable to attacks and malicious actions of hackers, uncontrollable on these types of networks. To guarantee you a better security of your exchanges and your data, opt for the configuration of your private Internet network on your smartphone, PC or tablet equipped with UbeeTravel SIM or eSIM chips.

    UbeeTravel physical SIMs adapt to all types of devices

    1 SIM = 3 removable sizes: mini - micro - nano


    In Mini – Micro – Nano formats, our SIMs are detachable and re-adjustable according to your devices


    When you receive your UbeeTravel SIM, detach the chip from the card in the format corresponding to your phone model, carefully keep the unused templates, this could be useful in case you want to change your device one day. If you change the device that receives your UbeeTravel SIM, detach and reposition the template necessary to adjust your SIM so that it corresponds perfectly to the docking slot of your phone or tablet.

    Available form factors: Mini SIM (2FF) – Micro SIM (3FF) – Nano SIM (4FF) – MFF2 embedded SIM