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Choose the best UbeeTravel eSIM package according to your destination

You can immediately install the UbeeTravel eSIM package from the My Account page, after completing your purchase.


International eSIM

Open the doors of the world

  • An eSIM is all you need to communicate quietly.
  • Stay connected worldwide with your eSIM plan.
  • Get good access to +320 mobile networks in over 200 destinations.
  • Data, calls and SMS at discount prices.

See the countries included in the international eSIM offer


Asia eSIM

Open the doors to Asia

  • Discount price data plans and instant connectivity for Asia, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Data and SMS available. No calls

See the countries included in the Asia eSIM offer


eSIM – The best way to reduce your mobile operator’s roaming charges!

eSIM is only compatible with devices equipped with an eSIM chip.
Show the list of compatible devices


No more waiting for the delivery of the SIM card!

You can install the eSIM on your compatible device in minutes.

Works in over 200 countries.

You can install and use your eSIM plan immediately anywhere.

Save on data roaming easily.

When you go on a trip, install the eSIM and access more than 320 mobile networks in more than 200 countries at local call rate.

No need to replace your current SIM card!

eSIM makes it easy to switch between carriers on your device with an integrated eSIM chip.


Up to over 85% cheaper than your local mobile operator

Order your eSIM now!


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