Save on roaming charges in over 200 countries!

What makes the eSIM interesting is that it can be obtained remotely and configured directly on the device. This is, for example, a considerable advantage when traveling. Today, roaming can be very expensive when you use your cell phone in several countries.

International eSIM:Open the doors to the world

  • An eSIM is all you need to communicate quietly.
  • Stay connected worldwide with your eSIM plan.
  • Get good access to +320 mobile networks in over 200 destinations.
  • Data, calls and SMS at discount prices.

eSIM Asia:Open the doors to Asia

  • Discounted data plans and instant connectivity for Asia, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Data and SMS available. No calls


After the SIM card, the mini-SIM, the micro-SIM and the nano-SIM, make way for the eSIM! The eSIM or embedded SIM is a “virtual” SIM card integrated into equipment, like a smartphone, a tablet or a connected object.

But this physical advantage is far from being the only one.

For example, an eSIM allows you, among other things, to configure several plans and operators in this single place on your smartphone or compatible device, so you can change operator or plan quickly via the configuration settings without opening or disassembling your laptop.

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