Additional services

UbeeTravel allows you to connect and communicate in several ways

Instructions for using the options included in your UbeeTravel international SIM card package

Configure your device with your UbeeTravel SIM card to take full advantage of all its capabilities.

Call forwarding, don't miss any important calls!

When you are not travelling, you can redirect incoming calls received by your UbeeTravel to any international number. Redirection to more than 135 countries does not incur any additional costs.

To activate call forwarding

  • with the UbeeTravel card installed in your handset, dial *146*081*00 country code-phone number, e.g. *146*081*0044123456789#
  • then you can turn off the phone; all incoming calls will be redirected to the specified number.

To deactivate call forwarding

  • with the UbeeTravel card installed in your handset, dial *146*080#.
Free calls from Skype and Viber to UbeeTravel

UbeeTravel has established a unique partnership with Skype and Viber, so you can call UbeeTravel numbers for free via Skype and Viber.

To activate this feature for your UbeeTravel, dial *146*711#
To deactivate, dial *146*710#
To check status, dial *146*712#

When enabled, Skype and Viber users can call your UbeeTravel number for free using a special dialing format +372800XXXXXXXX, where XXXXXXXX is the UbeeTravel number without the 372 prefix.

The call is free for Skype and Viber user. The cost of an incoming Skype or Viber call for UbeeTravel users is the incoming call rate in the country they are in, plus EUR 0.15 per minute. If the UbeeTravel user is in a country with free incoming calls, the cost will only be 0.15 EUR per minute.

To call +37253204388 for free using Skype and Viber, you must dial +37280053204388. For the Skype or Viber user, the call is free. If the UbeeTravel user is in Italy (free incoming calls) and accepts the Skype or Viber call, he pays only 0.15 EUR per minute.

Important Notes

  • The incoming call using Skype or Viber most often comes from the number +372800, but it is however possible that it is from other numbers;
  • When dialing on the Skype or Viber Pad, if the user chooses the country code of Estonia, he should dial 800XXXXXXXX because +372 is added automatically;
  • If the user dials on the Skype or Viber Pad without the 800 (e.g. +37253204388), he will pay with his Skype or Viber credit for a call to an Estonian mobile number. The UbeeTravel user is charged only for the incoming call (if the UbeeTravel user is in a country with free incoming calls, the call will be free for him). In this case, no activation is required for UbeeTravel;
  • If free calls to UbeeTravel from Skype and Viber are not enabled for a specific UbeeTravel, when the Skype user dials 372800XXXXXXXX they will hear an automatic message: “The mobile phone is either switched off or out of the coverage area. ” (the mobile phone is either switched off or outside the coverage area)

Stay in touch with your family wherever you are with UbeeTravel!

Your voicemail, whatever happens, stay tuned!

UbeeTravel offers voicemail, which handles incoming calls when you are unavailable or when you are already on the line.

To activate the voicemail service

  • with the UbeeTravel SIM installed in your handset, dial 091 (or *146*091#) and press “call”.
  • you will see “Voicemail activated” on your screen. Incoming calls will be redirected to voicemail if you cannot answer when called.

To listen to your voice messages

  • dial 095 (or *146*095#) and press call
  • you will see “Wait for call” and a few seconds later your phone will ring
  • reply as you normally would and you’ll hear how many messages you have
  • press 1 to listen to your messages.

To deactivate voicemail

  • with the UbeeTravel SIM installed in your handset, dial 090 (or *146*090#) and press the call button
  • you will see “Voicemail deactivated” on your screen.
Call waiting, manage your calls as you want!
When call waiting is enabled, the active call can be placed on hold while you switch to the other incoming call. You can then return to the first call. You also have the option of placing the active call on hold, dialing another number and, after talking to your second caller, returning to the first call.
Please note that if the feature is active and you place a call on hold, both calls will be charged: the active call and the call on hold. Call waiting can be disabled from your mobile phone; please consult your phone manual.
Conference call wherever you are!

Make a conference call wherever you are!

You can use UbeeTravel’s Conference service to make a conference call simply by dialing +372 993. The Conference service allows you to add up to 10 participants who can speak and listen at the same time.

How much does it cost ?
The UbeeTravel user who organizes the conference pays for all calls made for the conference call, the rates are applied on each call to each participant.

How do I set up a conference call?
The UbeeTravel user (User A) makes a call to the conference number +372 993 and he chooses the option * to add a new user using the international code (ex. 0037257894563, or +37257894563 or 37257894563).

You can add any number to the conference (not just UbeeTravel numbers).

If you add 9 guests to your conference call, you (user A) will receive a voice notification telling you that you have reached the limit (of ten concurrent people, nine plus you), and you will be automatically returned to your conference call.